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Meddy image GOLR012. Regional Project

VSA Author: Richard Hobbs
Scenes: 1
Interpretations: 1
Date Created: 2010-03-31

Profile shows a cross-section though an anti-cyclonic eddy of warm, saline Mediterranean water formed in cooler, fresher North Atlantic water in the Gulf of Cadiz to the south of Cape St. Vincent, a so-called "Meddy". The reflections are largely determined by the short wavelength changes in temperature with depth. The strong reflectivity over the top of the Meddy is formed by alternating layers of water (intrusions), whereas the weaker reflectivity at the base of the reflectivity both inside and outside the meddy are cuased by double-diffusion effects (staircases).

Scenes related to this Regional Project

Overlay of temperature probe data. Scene

VSA Author: Richard Hobbs
Interpretations: 0
Date Created: 2010-03-31

Overlay of temperature structure of the water as measured by XBTs (expendable bathythermograph) collected during the acquisition of the seismic survey

Interpretations related to this Regional Project

Inversion results: GOLR012 profile Interpretation

VSA Author: Richard Hobbs
Date Created: 2010-03-31

Final inverted temperature and salinity sections for GOLR012 profile. The error in the temperature inversion can be assessed on the inserts by the comparison of the inverted data (black) with the actual measured data (red). The procedure is explained the the publication: C. Papenberg, D. Klaeschen, G. Krahmann, and R. W. Hobbs (2010), Ocean temperature and salinity inverted from combi...


  • Regional Project Administrator:
    • Taija Torvela
  • VSA Author:
    • Richard Hobbs

Geographic Context

Physical Geography
Marginal Seas, Gulfs

Political Geography
Portugal, Portuguese Republic

Seismic Oceanography

N Atlantic

Staircases, Eddies, Intrusions


Survey Information
Marine, Multichannel 2D, ≤4

Data Presentation
Vertical Scale - Time

Image Type
Vertical Profile