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Simon Stewart's interpretation of N Sea inversion structure 1. Interpretation

VSA Author: Simon Stewart
Date Created: 2008-02-20

An example of a seismic structure that has been described as being related to inversion, but which may not fit into the classic interpretation of inversion tectonics. This seismic section is from a half graben in the North Sea in which the hanging-wall pre-rift section (partly obscured by multiples) subcrops the post-rift. The post-rift section is uplifted above the regional elevation. In the interpretation, orange shading corresponds to Triassic sediments. Published in: Stewart, S.A. (2007) Salt Tectonics in the North Sea Basin: a structural style template for seismic interpreters. In: Ries A.C. et al. (eds). Deformation of the Continental Crust: The legacy of Mike Coward. Geol Soc. Spec. Publ. 272, 361-396


  • Interpretation Administrator:
    • Rob Butler
  • VSA Author:
    • Simon Stewart

Geological Interpretation

Deformation Structures
Antiform, Positive

Seismic Stratigraphy
Erosional truncation, Onlap

Depositional Architecture
Erosional, Non-Erosional

Age of Strata
Cenozoic, Permian, Mesozoic

Geological Context


Basin Setting
Continental Rifts

Geographic Context

Physical Geography
Shallow Seas

Political Geography


Data Presentation
Vertical Scale - Time, Amplitude

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Vertical Profile