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BIRPS- DRUM -McGeary & Warner 1985 interpretation Interpretation

VSA Author: Estelle Mortimer
Date Created: 2008-02-05

This interpreted line drawing showing the principle high amplitude reflectors (after McGeary and Warner, 1985) and key structural elements and the position of the Moho (after McGeary and Warner, 1985; Morgan et al., 2000) in the DRUM profile from the BIRPS surveys. The line drawing identifies rotated half-graben blocks in the upper crust and reflective lower crust and Moho. Beneath the Moho, two key reflectors are identified. The first of these is the Flannan reflector (or Flannan thrust). The second, the W-reflector, is a horizontal reflection within the mantle that exists only to the east of the Flannan thrust. Above the Moho, to the west of the section the Outer Isles Fault is identifiable dipping to the east from 30 km to 120 km from the western edge of the section, and down to 10 seconds. Additional east-dipping structures in the crust correspond to Moine thrust faults.


  • Interpretation Administrator:
    • Rob Butler
  • VSA Author:
    • Estelle Mortimer

Geological Interpretation

Deformation Structures
Normal Faults, Thrusts

Moho, Continental Crust

Age of Deformation

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins


Basin Setting
Continental Rifts

Geographic Context

Physical Geography

Political Geography
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland