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GRID 06 filtered Regional Project

VSA Author: Taija Torvela
Scenes: 0
Interpretations: 0
Date Created: 2010-11-11

The GRID seismic data was filtered with Petrel 2009.1 in order to remove noise and to emphasise the large-scale structures in the crust. A structural smoothing was first performed, with a large horizontal filter size (5.0) and a small vertical filter size (0.5) to bring out the subhorizontal features. A variance was then calculated, with a horizontal range of 3 and a vertical range of 25, in order to map the subvertical features in the seismic. The two filters are superimposed in this image, resulting in a significant reduction in noise. The profile is approximately 1:1 if assuming an average seismic velocity of 5 km/s. See the survey docs & links for a location map. See also the filtering of the BIRPS DRUM and MOIST lines.


  • Regional Project Administrator:
    • Taija Torvela
  • VSA Author:
    • Taija Torvela

Geological Interpretation

Moho, Continental Crust

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins
Orogenic belts

Orogenic Belt

Basin Setting
Passive Margin

Geographic Context

Physical Geography

Political Geography
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland


Survey Information
Marine, Multichannel 2D, >10s

Data Presentation
Vertical Scale - Time, Amplitude

Image Type
Vertical Profile