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The deep water thrust belt, Orange Basin. Scene

VSA Author: Rob Butler
Interpretations: 1
Date Created: 2008-02-14

The frontal part of the DW thrust belt, offshore Namibia (Orange Basin). Note that - to a large part, reflector amplitude is retained close to the thrusts, indicating that deformation associated with these structures is strongly localised. Indeed there is little/no sesimic evidence for distributed strains in the section - either recorded by velocity pull up or amplitude loss.

Interpretations related to this Scene

Interpreted thrust structures, deep water Orange Basin Interpretation

VSA Author: Rob Butler
Date Created: 2008-02-14

Interpretation of the frontal part of the thrust belt, deep-water Namibia. Note the virtual absence of growth strata. The system is overlain by onlapping post-tectonic slope sediments.


  • Scene Administrator:
    • Rob Butler
  • VSA Author:
    • Rob Butler

Geological Interpretation

Deformation Structures
Forced Folds, Antiform, Ramps, Detachments, Imbricates

Tectonostratigraphic Style
Pre-tectonic, Post-tectonic

Seismic Stratigraphy

Depositional Architecture

Depositional Environment

Depositional Processes

Sediment Composition

Age of Strata
Cenozoic, Cretaceous

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins

DW fold-thrust belts

Basin Setting
Passive Margin

Geographic Context

Physical Geography

Political Geography
Namibia, Republic of