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Mid-Polish Trough, profile 6 Regional Project

VSA Author: Piotr Krzywiec
Scenes: 0
Interpretations: 1
Date Created: 2009-09-20

This seismic line was calibrated by wells Czlopa 1, Czlopa 2 and Czlopa 3 that were correlated using tie lines of the same survey. For all these wells check-shot data are available facilitating good well-to-seismic ties. Published in Krzywiec (2006; see docs & links).

Interpretations related to this Regional Project

Mid-Polish Trough, profile 6 - interpretation Interpretation

VSA Author: Piotr Krzywiec
Date Created: 2009-09-20

Seismic line 6 crosses the Czlopa salt structure that, similarly to the Drawno structure in profile 5, consists of two main elements (Czlopa and Dzwonowo salt diapirs), and extends NE-ward onto the flank the inverted axial parts of the Mid-Polish Trough. The complex Czlopa salt structure is characterized by an overall geometry that clearly points to its Late Cretaceous compressional r...


  • Regional Project Administrator:
    • Piotr Krzywiec
  • VSA Author:
    • Piotr Krzywiec

Geological Interpretation

Continental Crust

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins


Basin Setting
Continental Rifts

Geographic Context

Physical Geography
Interior Basins

Political Geography
Poland, Republic of


Survey Information
Multichannel 2D, ≤4, Onland

Data Presentation
Vertical Scale - Time

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Vertical Profile