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FIRE 1 CMP 0-11 000 Regional Project

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Date Created: 2009-09-01

The NE part of the FIRE profile 1 covers CMPs 0-11 000 (c. 0-275 km). The grey scale image is of a migrated section, published in Kukkonen, Ilmo T. & Lahtinen, Raimo (eds.) 2006. Finnish Reflection Experiment FIRE 2001-2005. Geological Survey of Finland, Special Paper 43, 247 p., 15 apps. ISBN 951-690-963-9; see docs & links for a reference link.

Interpretations related to this Regional Project

FIRE 1 CMP 0-11 000 interpretation Interpretation

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Date Created: 2009-09-01

Interpretation by Korja et al. (2006). The FIRE 1 deep seismic reflection profile crosses over a major Palaeoproterozoic plate boundary in the Fennoscandian Shield, the Svecofennian – Karelian suture zone where Archaean Karelian craton and its cover have been juxtaposed with Palaeoproterozoic Svecofennian island arc rocks. Surface lithology combined with both variable area wiggle-trac...


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    • Taija Torvela
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Geological Interpretation

Shield, Moho

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins
Orogenic belts, Continental

Orogenic Belt

Geographic Context

Physical Geography

Political Geography
Finland, Republic of


Survey Information
Multichannel 2D, Onland, >10s, Migrated

Data Presentation
Amplitude, Reflectivity, Vertical Scale - Depth

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Vertical Profile