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Normal fault-related syncline, Offshore Tunisian (Malta-Pelagian platform) Scene

VSA Author: Rob Butler
Interpretations: 1
Date Created: 2011-08-05

Detail of regional line across the Malta-Pelagian platform (offshore Tunisia) showing faulted Mesozoic carbonates and related growth strata. Some of these steep faults may have a significant strike-slip component.

Interpretations related to this Scene

Normal fault-related syncline - interpreted Interpretation

VSA Author: Rob Butler
Date Created: 2011-08-05

Interpretation of growth faulting (and associated syncline amplification (syncline axial trace dashed line) in carbonates of the Malta-Pelagian shelf, offshore Tunisian.


  • Scene Administrator:
    • Rob Butler
  • VSA Author:
    • Rob Butler

Geological Interpretation

Age of Strata
Cenozoic, Mesozoic

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins

Strike-slip, Rifts

Basin Setting
Passive Margin

Geographic Context

Physical Geography

Political Geography
Tunisia, Tunisian Republic


Survey Information
Marine, Multichannel 2D

Data Presentation
Vertical Scale - Time

Image Type
Vertical Profile