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Restored Deepwater thrust belt Interpretation

VSA Author: Rob Butler
Date Created: 2009-08-17

A structural interpretation of the thrust belt, offshore Namibia and restoration (b) used to estimate the amount of stratal shortening represented in the contractional domain. The section is shown with no significant vertical exaggeration (assuming a seismic velocity of 2.7 km/s). The thrusts are numbered for reference and do not imply a sequence of formation. The deformed distance between the pin and Trail line 2A (blue horizon) is 58.5 km, its restored equivalent distance is 77 km so the net contraction is 18.5 km. The deformed distance between the pin and Trail Line 2B (green horizon) is 60 km, its restored equivalent is 85 km so the net contraction is 25 km.


  • Interpretation Administrator:
    • Rob Butler
  • VSA Author:
    • Rob Butler

Geological Interpretation

Deformation Structures
Forced Folds, Antiform, Ramps, Mud, Detachments, Imbricates

Tectonostratigraphic Style
Pre-tectonic, Post-tectonic

Depositional Architecture

Age of Strata

Age of Deformation

Geological Context

Plate Settings and Margins

DW fold-thrust belts, Shale

Basin Setting
Passive Margin

Geographic Context

Physical Geography

Political Geography
Namibia, Republic of


Survey Information
Marine, Multichannel 2D

Data Presentation
Vertical Scale - Time, Amplitude

Image Type
Vertical Profile