What's New

Deep seismic profiles through Iberia

Thanks to Puy Ayarza (Salamanca) for uploading, on behalf of a group of seismologists - a suite of deep seismic profiles through the crust of Iberia. Their interpretations will follow in a few weeks....(Q2 2021).

Teaching materials on the VSA

A suite of scenes from existing VSA content have been added, along with interpretations - that can provide a series of teaching and training materials that address simple concepts - in picking faults and basic seismic stratigraphy.  We hope that these enhance the utility of the VSA .... for simple integration into your courses on sedimentary basin evolution. More to follow through Q1 2021.

VSA - platform upgrade

Through 2020 the VSA platform failed due to incompatible system upgrades. These have been rectified for the immediate future - though further issues may arise in March 2021. A re-purposing and launch of VSA 3.0 is planned to rectify this which should secure the VSA for the rest of the decade. We are grateful to our software partners - Blue Fish Group - for their continued support in these endeavors.

VSA 2.0 - the relaunch (August 2014)

For the past few months we've been recreating the VSA using open-source technologies. Not only does this future-proof the VSA - it provides an even better experience for our users and contributors.

The enhancements include:

  • a stream-lined, fresh look
  • faster search returns
  • more returns per page and more control on search criteria
  • more of the same great images and serendipitous search opportunities.

and for contributors we have established a password management system and mechanism for updating the status of pending and approved content via batched emails.

Registered users still have their own workspace - called MyVSA that they access through log-in. Within this area you can maintain a list of favorites, author new content and track progress of submitted material. You can also change your password here and update your contact details etc. If you would like to author content on the VSA - especially if it's just to add your own interpretations of existing content, then contact one of the Administrative Group (listed on the About page) for your free VSA log-in.